April 12, 2015

Your Family Matters

Have you noticed that the world is becoming more and more dangerous to live in? There are more wars and rumors of war going on. People […]
April 12, 2015

Winning the Old Fashioned Way

In the game of life, it is a good thing to win. Most people want to win in life but the question is how? Some choose […]
April 12, 2015

We Are Better Than This

I came to the USA in 1980 to study Church music. One of the songs I fell in love with is titled “America the beautiful” written […]
December 23, 2014

Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover

Living in Central Louisiana is a great privilege for my family and me. I love the people and I am amazed about the potential of our […]
September 26, 2014

Are Your Children Getting Adequate Education?

There are many things that you may have heard about education. I do believe that it is the transfer of knowledge, morals and attitude from one […]
August 25, 2014

“A Call for Unity”

About two decades ago, my family and I moved to Central Louisiana. Our goal was to take a job here temporarily and eventually relocate to the […]
July 16, 2014

The American Dream

I was about ten years old when a Southern Baptist Missionary told me about the American Dream. I was told that there is a place called […]
June 23, 2014

The Role of the Church in Mental Health

I moved to Central Louisiana in 1995 to work for a State Government agency that advocate for the mentally ill. All my life, I have always […]
June 23, 2014

Sacred Truth About Ministry

Few days ago, I was at home trying to find something to watch on the Television. I flipped through the channels but I must admit that […]
June 23, 2014

Change Your Tomorrow By Doing Something Today

There are many verses in the Bible that has inspired me and literarily launched me into my destiny in life. One of those verses is found […]